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What Is Website Content Writing?

google-rankingMany people think that once they get the copy written for their website, they are done with website content.

This could not be farther from the truth. The reality is, your website will never be complete. If you want to continue to attract new clients and gain their attention through Internet search engines, your site should be constantly growing and changing. If you don’t include fresh copy, your site will sink down to the bottom of the page rankings and no one will ever find you.

The key to refreshing your website constantly is website content writing. By employing this approach, you can ensure that you maintain your search rank and continue to attract new visitors.

A Primer on Content Writing for Websites

For legal websites, content is essentially anything that you put on your pages. Google’s spider bots troll these pages looking for updated information and relevant keywords. It’s to your advantage to have fresh content published regularly, so you can stay at the top of the search engine’s rankings.

For a law firm, this content could consist of a wide range of different things. It might be:

 Blog posts: An interesting blog entry on a timely topic, such as a case that’s currently making headlines, can generate a lot of traffic by using terms people are searching for.

 Site copy: Many sites have lots of different pages on them but not a lot of copy. You can bulk up the copy by discussing an issue in-depth. For instance, say you have a page on motorcycle accidents. This would be a good place to fully cover an issue that might interest your clients, such as helmet laws.

 Press releases: Every law firm website should have a page devoted to media that includes press releases about anything going on in your firm. Got an upcoming fundraiser for charity? Write a press release and put it on the site.

 E-books: E-books are a great way to dive into an issue that might interest your clients. Because it is downloadable, it’s something people can take from your site. If you practice family law, for instance, you may want to write a primer on no-fault divorces.

Content Writing: The Key to Rising in Search Rankings

If you have noticed your search engine ranking declining or you’re not getting as many web queries as you would like, refreshing your website content may be the answer to your problems. At Lawyers Writing for Lawyers, our experienced copywriters have a background in law and can help you determine the best content for your website. Contact us today to explore all the options for legal content writing and get started on your campaign.

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