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Where Should You Start When Updating Your Legal Web Content?

If you’re thinking about updating your legal website, you’re probably already familiar with the importance of up-to-date, accurate legal web content writing. So the real question is: which content should you focus on first?

The content you should focus your attention on first may vary depending on the type of law firm you have, as well as how much content you already have published. For most firms, the main areas of your site that you want to focus on are your home page and areas of practice.

The Importance of Your Home Page

Your home page tells clients and potential clients who you are. It should be in depth enough to convey the extent of your services, concise enough not to lose their interest, and brief enough to expand in greater detail on other pages without repeating yourself.

The Importance of Your Areas of Practice Pages

Your areas of practice pages give you the opportunity to tell clients what you do and don’t do. This is where you can let your legal expertise shine. It’s vital that these pages are current and as close to perfection as possible. In many instances, these pages will be the landing pages for clients searching online for your services.

Locate Specialized Copywriting Services for Lawyers  

If you have trouble in any of these areas, you might consider hiring copywriting services for lawyers. If you go down this path, you should be sure that you choose a service specializing in content writing for law firms, and not general copywriting services. Lawyers Writing for Lawyers focuses solely on content writing for law firms, and it is a legal copywriting firm managed by a practicing lawyer who understands the unique needs and interests of the legal field.

It can be worth a small investment for a bigger ROI, since the home page and areas of practice pages should have content that motivates visitors to stick around and contact you.

Once you have these pages updated to where they need to be, you can work on the rest of your website’s content. Ideally, you’ll want to update the entire website within a brief period of time. If you can’t, focus on the most important pages first, and move on to the rest as you can.

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